Water Resources Projects in South Florida

Water is one of the most basic human needs. With impacts on agriculture, education, energy, health, gender equity, and livelihood, water resources management underlies the most basic development challenges. Water is under unprecedented pressures as growing populations and economies demand more of it. Practically every development challenge of the 21st century – food security, managing rapid urbanization, energy security, environmental protection, adapting to climate change – requires urgent attention to water resources projects management. Water resources projects are needed in every country on this planet earth.

Groundwater is being depleted quicker than it is being replenished and worsening quality of water degrades the environment and adds to costs. Groundwater modeling assists scientists and engineers to evaluate groundwater conditions. The pressures on water resources are expected to worsen because of climate change. There is ample evidence that climate change will increase hydrologic variability, resulting in extreme weather events such as droughts floods, and major storms. It will continue to have a profound impact on economies, health, lives, and livelihoods. The poorest people will suffer most. Water resources projects can stop suffering for these people.