Ross Engineering provides construction engineering inspection (CEI) administration services on all of its private sector design projects and most of its government design projects. The typical construction engineering inspection CEI scope of services includes:

– Pre-Construction meetings with the owner, contractor and the government agencies issuing engineering permits
– Review and approval of shop drawings and material lists
– Inspection of all site work construction
– Review and approval of all geotechnical soil testing including compaction density tests
– Review and approval of all site work as-builts including roads, drainage and utilities
– Routine inspections of all NPDES pollution prevention devices and infrastructure
– Final inspection with municipality and permitting agencies
– Final Engineering certification to permitting agencies

Construction Engineering Inspection Administration

Our construction engineering inspection team is comprised of qualified team members with the professional expertise to manage, inspect, and document site and roadway construction projects while providing the client  with the level of service they require to meet their schedule, budget and quality control protection. Continuous construct-ability and value engineering analyses are implemented early in the design and permitting stage in order to provide our clients with cost saving options before and during construction activities.

Our specialized utility team has the expertise and ability to manage and inspect utility engineering construction and refurbishment projects including waste water collection, irrigation water distribution, and potable water systems and any required relocation of utilities. Our team members manage all phases from design through construction including permit clearance and turn over documentation for municipalities, counties and private developers. In addition, our engineering inspectors are experienced in storm water pollution prevention and are certified FDEP inspectors. Our team is led by Mr. James Moore, CGC, our construction engineering inspection manager. Mr. Moore has over 40 years of engineering and construction experience in the State of Florida. He personally trains each our engineers and engineering inspectors to ensure projects are designed value added and constructed as per our approved plans.

Drainage structures comprise a major segment of site work and roadway construction in Florida. With the large numbers of stormwater canals, rivers, ditches, and coastal inlets, the continual need for new construction makes it imperative to have the ability and expertise to manage and inspect all types of construction including box culverts, weirs, and  drainage structures. We have this expertise and can provide construction, management and inspection by qualified, certified, and experienced staff for many types of drainage structures.

Our construction engineering inspection (CEI) staff assist the private development industry by providing construction management for small site work projects to major education facility site development. With our strong attention to detail and ability to successfully provide services to our clients, our CEI professionals provide construct-ability reviews, value engineering analysis and construction schedule development before projects.



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