Miami Dade Water & Sewer Department (WASD)

Robert J. Ross, P.E. Sr. Engineer
Daniel Lizarazo, P.E. Sr, Hydraulic Engineer
Engineering Services: July .2010 – 2012

Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD) contracted Ross Engineering to assist with h2oMap and infowater hydraulic model studies. Other services were evaluations, master planning and calibration for MDWASD’s water transmission system. Hydraulic Modeling (H2OMap and Infowater) of water facilities included the evaluation and recommendation of Point of Service (POS) for new developments, system betterment projects, expansion projects and new service projects.

The hydraulic modeling included an assessment of existing facilities and recommendation of proposed upgrades as deemed by the hydraulic analysis. Additionally, the hydraulic analysis shall be performed to determine adequate pressure and flow in the system to provide fire protection as required by zoning and fire regulations. Opinion of Probable Cost was performed for new infrastructure projects such distribution/transmission systems, including watermains, storage tanks, and pumping stations, and others as required by the Department.

Additional, scheduling was developed for various MDWASD water facility projects as requested by Miami-dade county water and sewer department.

Infowater Hydraulic Model

Infowater Hydraulic Model Contract

Infowater Software by MHW Water

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