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Jockey Prinyavivatkul

Robert J. Ross, P.E. , Sr. Engineer
Georgio Tachiev, P.E. PhD, Sr. Hydrologist
Agustin Maristany, P.E., QA/QC Engineer (King Engineering)

Engineering Services: June 2009 – December 2009
Engineering Services Design Fee: $ 145,000

Ross Engineering, Inc. was the civil engineer of record for the S-124 structure replacement project located 13 miles west of Ft. Lauderdale on the L-35A borrow canal north of the junction of the borrow canal and the North New River Canal in Broward County.

The structure is within the Ft. Lauderdale Field Station service area in Broward County (Section 5, Township 50, Range 40), and is owned and operated by the SFWMD. It is part of the C-13 and North New River basins. In addition to the civil design drawings, Ross Engineering and King Engineering were responsible to complete a very detailed hydraulic design report using information from the District’s DB-Hydro database to statistically model the new structure using historical flow and stage data, both instantaneous and daily. A levee road ramp was designed with compensating treatment for water quality volume handled in retention swales on the east side of the canal. The hydraulic design report concluded that three 8’x6’ CIP box culverts were sufficient to pass the required 550cfs of discharge under extreme event conditions. A by-pass flow-way was designed to allow for construction in the wet season under equally severe conditions.

The S-124 structure functions together with S-125 on the C-42 Canal, S-38C on the L-36 Canal, and S-36 on the C-13 Canal to maintain an optimum water surface elevation in the C-13 Basin and to maintain a stage in the L-35A borrow canal to reduce seepage discharges from Water Conservation Area 2B (WCA-2B) through the L-35A levee. S-124 functions as the divide between the C-13 and North New River basins. It is normally closed to maintain a high stage on the L-35 borrow canal to reduce seepage losses from WCA-2B. When closed, seepage from WCA-2B and runoff from the North New River Basin (approximately 3,041 acres) discharge into the C-13 Canal which has an open connection to the L-35A borrow canal via the C-42 Canal. Under flood conditions, S-124 opens to discharge excess water into the North New River Canal. Outflows into the North New River either discharge to tide via G-54 when capacity is available, or is pumped into WCA-3A via the G-123 pump station.